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Without clear perceptions of where to go, we go nowhere


A significant paradigm shift  occurred in recent years in our understanding of  how a genetic  life emerged on Earth. Simultaneously, in astrophysics the concept of our  place in the universe  has been redefined. It created a much different picture of how life interconnects to the environment and our place and purpose in it.

 Spilling into healthcare and ecology,  we are able to now better heal, nurture and fine-tune our DNA by caring for our epigenome (the network of chemical compounds surrounding  DNA that can modify the genome). This created better understanding of how we interconnect with our world and environment. We are standing on the edge of an era of genomics and cyborgs... in a yet unimagined new world.

Redefining a living interconnected network perceptive of change on all levels, we need to  increase awareness of how healthcare and social  development programs must be based on open, yet principled, interactions to face the future. From cellular level to complex social networks this demands  improving and enriching our environments and abolishing poverty and inequality. It emphasises the value of organisations contributing to preventing disease by eliminating stress caused by mental and toxic environmental factors and greed.

Above all it must operate under a sound, reliable and universally acceptable ethic.


By seeing the genome as part of a living and network,  we promote better understanding of this consonance. Our work has no cultural, racial, species or social boundaries, or any religious or institutionalised affiliations. We are committed to reduce suffering, fight corruption, reduce  poverty and promote moral conduct, equality and healthy living.

We  want to ensure all the advances of new technology and genitc medicine will reach an interconnected global community —fairly.

Dr Theodor
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{Spheres of Perception is an affiliation of  Sensible Gene Ltd New Zealand}